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Top 9 things to look for when selecting a Snow Removal Service

Top 9 things to look for when selecting a Snow Removal Service
What makes A.R.T. Fleet Service the outstanding choice among snow removal companies is not only their knowledge but the application of that knowledge. When a business or municipality contracts with A.R.T. Fleet Service for snow removal they put themselves in the steady hands of a company that has removed more snow in the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin region than many other snow removal companies combined.

A.R.T. Fleet Service stands out among snow removal companies because:
• They contract with a meteorological service that provides them with up-to-the-minute, in-depth reports on weather conditions and forecasts
• They operate one of the area’s largest fleets of state-of-the-art snow removal equipment, including as many as 30 trucks from pickups to large haulers, all equipped with snow blades and salt spreaders
• Their fleet of vehicles includes haulers to remove snow when larger storms strike and other companies are wondering where to put all that snow
• Their snow removal equipment also includes bobcats, snow blowers and, from time to time, shovels, to clear out those areas the trucks won’t go and to fulfill sidewalk maintenance programs
• Along with their base of operations on Route 83, they also have hubs in Vernon Hills, Waukegan, Long Grove and Mundelein, which provides them with the ability to serve the region in the most timely possible manner
• They understand the nuances of proper application of salt. Spreading salt is an art and a science. They know when to apply salt so walks, drives and lots are safe, and how much salt to apply for maximum safety without overdoing it to the extent that people are tracking salt indoors all day
• They understand that, with the arrival of winter, snow removal is a 24-hour-a-day/7-days-a-week job. If it’s not snowing, or icing, the folks at A.R.T. Fleet Service are maintaining their equipment for optimal performance while monitoring weather conditions to get the jump on the next storm
• They’re fully insured, which is almost a second thought considering that their expert snow removal technicians know their trade inside and out and every member of the staff has walked the lots, drives and walkways of all their clients for pre-trip inspections – they know what to expect before the first snowflake flies
• No job is too big. A.R.T. has municipal contracts with Grayslake and Long Grove and has cleared lots, drives and walkways for major businesses in the area for decades

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