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Spreading road salt is a science that requires the right salt spreaders

Spreading road salt is a science that requires the right salt spreaders

The hopper behind the cab is described in this
blog as a V-Box salt spreader

The application of road salt and/or ice melting chemicals is a science. At A.R.T. Fleet Service, they are masters at removing snow and ice from drives and lots. They’re also masters at the application of road salt. 

To achieve the highest degree of proficiency in the use of salt spreaders, A.R.T. Fleet Service matches the highest quality snow removal equipment with state-of-the-art salt spreaders. 

You’ll see many residential and commercial snow removal companies using a dump truck to spread salt. The driver raises the bed so the salt will slide to the back of the truck and out onto the pavement. It’s a highly inefficient means of spreading salt. Far better salt spreaders are the V-Box type. A.R.T. Fleet Service has a fleet of V-Box salt spreaders.

V-Box salt spreaders have sides that pitch in to keep the salt in the channel at the bottom. Within that channel is a coiled chain that rotates to move the salt to the back of the box. There it spills out in a controlled manner based on the speed that the chain rotates.

How heavy the salt is applied changes with road conditions, wind conditions and the temperature. The snow management experts at A.R.T. Fleet Service have worked with snow removal equipment for more than half a century. They know precisely how much road salt to apply in any condition. 

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