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A.R.T. Fleet is Lake County IL Area’s Premier Snow Removal Service

A.R.T. Fleet Service, Inc provides experienced municipal snow plow service and commercial snow removal services, including plowing, salting, snow removal and hauling, snow removal sanding and hauling, bobcat operation and complete sidewalk maintenance programs. A/R.T. Fleet Service, Inc., is a sister company of Lester's Material Service of Grayslake, and it has been in the snow removal service industry for the past twenty-six (26) years. We are the Lake County Area’s premier commercial snow removal contractor.

We have several proposal packages that set forth the extent and pricing for our many service options. When you contact us to discuss your snow removal needs, we will be happy to supply you with a proposal package outlining the needs you discussed with us. In the proposal package, we will provide you with three (3) pricing structures from which to choose, so that you can determine the one that best serves your needs. All of our estimates are provided free of charge, and we will not pressure you into choosing one package over another! A.RT.. Fleet is. hands down. the best snow plow contractor and snow and ice maintenance contractor in Lake County IL.

A.R.T. Fleet provides fast, efficient and cost effective snow removal services in all types of weather conditions, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays. We believe in protecting your property interests during the inclement weather season by providing you and every customer, merchant, vendor and/or employee with safe access to your property during the winter season.

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Our Difference

  1. We are Lake County Area’s premier snow removal service provider.
  2. Our Weather Tracking programs keep up-to-the-minute current on changing weather conditions.
  3. Our Wireless Service enables us to dispatch an IMMEDIATE for your snow removal needs.
  4. We maintain a Huge Fleet of modern snow removal and snow removal sanding equipment that allows us the ability to complete your snow removal needs on time and within your budget.
  5. We have decades of experience in the snow removal contractor business in Lake County, and have contracted for snow removal on on all kinds and types of commercial properties.

Keep your snow removal business local by contracting with Grayslake-based A.R.T. Fleet for all your snow plow and snow removal needs.

A.R.T. FLEET is Grayslake-based, with hubs in Vernon Hills, Libertyville, Long Grove and Mundelein, IL. A.R.T Fleet is your professional,dependable snow sanding, snow removal and snow and ice management and control service in Lake County IL. A.R.T. Fleet snow plow contractors should be your first call when the snowflakes start to fall. Once you see our professional fleet of equipment, you will realize that we are serious in our effort to provide you the best professional snow plow service and snow and ice control needs. When you choose A.R.T. FLeet, you can always expect the best.

  • Commercial Snow Removal Grayslake Area
  • Commercial Snow Removal Libertyville
  • Commercial Snow Removal Vernon Hills
  • Commercial Snow Removal Long Grove
  • Commercial Snow Removal Mundelein
  • Municipal Snow Removal Grayslake Area
  • Municipal Snow Removal Libertyville
  • Municipal Snow Removal Vernon Hills
  • Municipal Snow Removal Long Grove
  • Municipal Snow Removal Mundelein

A.R.T. Fleet Pledges that it will provide you with the best possible and most cost- effective snow removal services in Lake County IL

When you contract with A.R.T. Fleet, you know that you are getting the best possible and most cost-effective commercial and municipal snow removal service program available in the metro Chicago area.

Whether you need commercial snowplowing service or municipal snowplowing service, we look forward to developing a strong partnership and becoming a long-term service provider for you, Thank you for the opportunity.

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